Top Drupal Web Hosting (from a developer)

This is not a typical Drupal hosting affiliate / hosting review site. We're not here to push you toward dirt-cheap, volume-oriented hosting providers, but we will mention a few of them.  Instead, we're going to direct you toward the hosting options that will provide you the greatest power, flexibility, and support for your Drupal website. 

We run a Drupal Development shop and depend on quality hosting for our client sites.  With Drupal 8, hosting needs have evolved, and not all shared hosts can provide what you need to really take advantage of all Drupal 8 has to offer.

TLDR Version: use Liquid Web or Storm on Demand

Slightly longer version: (ordered here the same way we suggest hosting to our clients)

  1. Liquid Web is hands down our top pick for moderate to high volume websites, or even lower volume websites with heavy transactional need.
    1. Blazing performance
    2. Really robust scaling options
    3. Incredible prices for full server management, and I mean hand-holding, install anything you want kind of service
    4. A fantastic management portal
    5. Automated service monitoring and intervention
    6. They offer shared hosting plans as well -- these are still higher-end products than you'll find at Blue Host or Godaddy
  2. Storm on Demand, a subsidiary of Liquid Web, offers virtually the same product, but at a more "pay for usage" model, where bandwidth isn't bundled in the base cost, and neither is full management if you're a little more DIY when it comes to server management.
  3. Digital Ocean is a low-cost, unmanaged option for those who are comfortable spinning up their own linux box and don't need a managed server.
    1. $10 credit when you sign up with this link
    2. Low cost
    3. No frills
    4. Decent performance
    5. Limited Hard Drive space
    6. Relatively painful scaling (requires full power-down)
    7. One-way scaling (can't scale down, once you've scaled up)
  4. GreenGeeks is a more typical "shared hosting" level provider, but they have a straightforward cPanel implementation that's familiar to many
    1. Not-too-customized cPanel (easy to get around)
    2. VPS options if you outgrow shared hosting
    3. "Green" -- if that's a thing for you
    4. Competitive performance and uptime in our experience
  5. Blue Host is probably the host you'll see recommended more than any other -- and here's why.  They have some of the highest affiliate commision payouts! You can bet that any website recommending BlueHost (especially for Drupal or Wordpress) is an affiliate partner, and makes money when you sign up through their link.
    1. Extremely customized cPanel implementations make it hard to accomplish anything if you're expecting a "familiar" cPanel feel
    2. Disjointed management of hosting, domains, database management and billing
    3. Confusing line of product offerings with no real distinctions between some
    4. However -- BlueHost will run your Drupal site OK -- so there is that

Soon I'll have a detailed writeup on each provider, and if I'm ambitious even a fancy comparison table or something.

Yes, we've tried used WAY more providers than this (including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, inMotion Hosting, Jim's hosting, Dave's hosting, Gina's hosting etc). Amazon and Rackspace are not as performant, or cost effective for Drupal hosting, especially if you want a managed service.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, I promise, there will be more details coming soon.

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