Using Droptor to Monitor your Drupal Sites

Submitted by danny on Mon, 03/26/2012 - 00:03

Droptor is one of the easiest ways to monitor the health of your Drupal site.  It's free for a single site, and only 2 bucks a month for each additional site you want to monitor.

You can use droptor on any shared host or VPS host, but configuring your site to perform all the optimization tasks suggested by Droptor may require higher level access than you can get on a shared host.  As always, if you're concerned about acheiving top-notch Drupal performance and configurability be sure to look into VPS and Cloud Drupal Hosts for your site.

Droptor trend graph

Droptor requires a subscription to their service (free for 1 site as mentioned above) and installation of the companion module, at  Once you've installed the module and configured your account on, you can view a slew of security, performance and trending data along with tips on how to maximize your site's security and performance.

Droptor really comes in handy though, when you have numerous Drupal sites to monitor.  If you have a dozen or so sites, it's far easier to check a single dashboard on to see a snapshot of the health of all your sites, rather than logging in to each site individually to check out a status report.

Once it scans your site, Droptor provides a detailed breakdown of how your site fairs when it comes to Drupal best practices for security and performance, offering step-by-step instructions for how to remedy any problem areas.  

Additionally, Droptor offers email alerts for any number of system events, including when modules are available, when certain activity triggers are hit and a weekly report of overall system health.

Since it's free for use on your first site, there's really no risk in giving it a shot.  We've been using Droptor for our own sites for a while and are setting all of our client Drupal sites up on Droptor over the next few weeks.

Site Monitoring List

There are several other nice monitoring tools out there, but most aren't as affordable and simple to use as Droptor.  For that reason, I'd recommend Droptor to anyone looking to get into site monitoring and Drupal tuning as a cheap, and low-risk entrance point.


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Things to look for

  1. cPanel. Most hosts these days use cPanel.  It's a user-friendly control panel that makes managing domains, email, and databases a breeze.  Switching  to another host later on is a snap if your old, and new host both use cPanel.
  2. MySQL on localhost (Meaning, on the same physical server that your files are stored on).  This will ensure snappy database access, critical to Drupal performance.  (the exception to this rule is for some cloud-based services)
  3. RAID 10.  RAID 10 hard disk arrays offer the best in both performance and safety for your data.
  4. Backups.  Make sure your host performs regular backups so they can easily restore your accounts in case of a server failure.  However, don't rely on those backups when you need to restore something  that's your own fault.  You'll need your own backups for that.
  5. SSH access (Secure Shell).  You may not need it now and you might not even know what it means, but someday you'll likely wish you had it.  SSH access lets you handle many installation and maintenance tasks that you can't accomplish through other means.
  6. Customer Support.  Some hosts only offer email based support.  Often, that's OK, but make sure you know what you're getting.  If phone support is offered, pay attention to where it's based, if the hosting company discloses that much.  Sometimes, overseas phone support is no better than domestic email support.
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